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Difference between scholastic and non-scholastic distinctions?

Hey guys! I'm putting together my college applications and I'm a bit confused. Can someone explain the difference between scholastic and non-scholastic distinctions? Thanks!

7 months ago

Sure, I'd be happy to help clarify the difference between scholastic and non-scholastic distinctions!

Scholastic distinctions are awards, honors, and recognitions that are tied to your academic achievements or performance in school subjects. Examples would include:

- Honor roll or Dean's List

- AP Scholar Awards

- National Merit Scholarship recognition

- Subject-specific awards, like awards for excellence in a particular course or discipline

- School or district-wide academic competitions

On the other hand, non-scholastic distinctions focus on achievements that are unrelated to academics and typically involve extracurricular activities or personal hobbies and passions. Examples of non-scholastic distinctions might be:

- Winning or placing in a local or national art, music, or writing competition

- Sports-related awards like MVP or conference champion

- Community service recognition, such as President's Volunteer Service Award

- Leadership awards in clubs or organizations

- Special achievements or certifications in hobbies, like a black belt in martial arts or an advanced scuba diving license

As you can see, scholastic distinctions are focused on academic accomplishments, while non-scholastic distinctions represent personal, recreational, or extracurricular achievements. When filling out your college applications, it's important to include both types of distinctions to showcase your strengths in and out of the classroom.

Good luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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