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WashU essay prompts: What are they looking for?

I'm starting to work on my WashU application and I'm a little bit stressed about their essay prompts. What kind of prompts do they typically give and what should I emphasize in my responses to make them stand out? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

7 months ago

WashU typically offers two main essay prompts as part of their application: the "Why WashU" essay and a supplemental essay. The prompts may change slightly year to year, but the main focus remains the same.

1. Why WashU: This prompt asks you to explain your interest in WashU and how you would take advantage of specific resources available there. This essay is meant for the admissions committee to understand why WashU is a good fit for you and vice versa.

To make your response stand out for the "Why WashU" essay, you'll want to focus on:

- Demonstrating your knowledge about the school's resources, programs, and opportunities.

- Mentioning specific courses, professors, research projects, clubs, or experiences that align with your interests and goals.

- Explaining how you would contribute to the campus community and what you hope to achieve at WashU.

Avoid generic descriptions or broad statements that could apply to any university. Instead, use specific examples to show that you have taken the time to research and understand what makes WashU unique.

2. Supplemental Essay: The supplemental prompt might vary, but it usually asks you to discuss an aspect of your background, an experience, or a personal value. This essay is an opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know you better and see what makes you an ideal candidate for their school.

To make your response stand out for the supplemental essay, you'll want to:

- Choose a topic that highlights your personality, individuality, and depth.

- Avoid cliché topics or overused experiences (sports victories, immigrant stories, etc.) unless you can offer a fresh perspective.

- Focus on a specific experience or moment rather than generalizing your entire life story.

- Reflect on how this experience has shaped you, your values, and/or your aspirations.

Remember to proofread, revise, and polish your essays, ensuring that they are clear, concise, and engaging. Tailoring your responses to showcase your genuine interest in WashU, your unique qualities, and how you would contribute to the campus community will help make your application stand out. Good luck!

7 months ago

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