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Scripps Supplemental Essays

Hey! I'm a junior starting to research colleges, and Scripps College in California caught my attention. I just want to know what the supplemental essays for Scripps look like? What topics do they generally cover?

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're interested in Scripps College and starting to research ahead of time. While supplemental essay prompts can change from year to year, you can get a sense of what might be asked of you by checking out this year's prompts, and detailed breakdowns of how to tackle them, on CollegeVine's blog: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-the-scripps-college-essays.

I'd advise against starting to actually write your essays now, however, as the prompts could be different next year and you don't want your hard work to go to waste. Check out Scripps' website, or their page on the Common App, on August 1st before your senior year to see which exact prompts you'll have to answer for your applications cycle.

Also, once you start drafting, remember that CollegeVine offers both free peer essay reviews and paid reviews by expert college admissions advisors. Both of these are great ways to get some objective feedback on your topic, structure, grammar, and so on.

Good luck with your college research and preparations!

7 months ago

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