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Persuasive Speech Topics?

Hey! I'm working on a speech for my English class and we need to persuade the audience on an issue. Any ideas on what topics for speeches to persuade would be interesting and engaging for a high school audience? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

7 months ago

Hello! It's always exciting to work on a persuasive speech that will engage a high school audience. Here are a few topics you could consider for your speech:

1. Mental Health in Schools — Advocate for the importance of mental health support and resources for students, discussing how it can benefit both academic performance and overall well-being.

2. Effects of Social Media — Argue for or against the positives and negatives of social media usage among teens, touching on issues like cyberbullying, addiction, and impacts on self-esteem.

3. Climate Change — Discuss the significance of climate change and the role students can play in reducing their carbon footprint or advocating for sustainable policies.

4. Teen Employment — Debate the benefits and drawbacks of teens working part-time jobs, including the impact on prioritizing education, time management, and gaining valuable experience.

5. Standardized Testing — Argue for or against the importance of standardized testing in high schools, addressing its role in measuring student success and college admissions.

6. Community Service Requirements — Persuade your audience on the value of mandatory community service hours for high school graduation, focusing on benefits like personal growth, civic responsibility, and fostering empathy.

7. School Dress Codes — Delve into the controversial topic of dress codes and discuss whether they are necessary for promoting a positive learning environment or if they contribute to body shaming and gender bias.

8. Extracurricular Activities — Persuade your audience on the importance of participating in extracurricular activities and how they can impact a student's personal development, time management skills, and future opportunities.

9. Sleep and School Start Times — Advocate for later school start times to accommodate teen sleep patterns and discuss the potential impact on academic performance and mental health.

10. Freedom of Speech in Schools — Argue for or against the extent to which students should have the right to express their opinions and beliefs in an educational setting, taking into account potential limitations for maintaining a safe and respectful environment.

Remember to pick a topic that you're passionate about, as your enthusiasm will help make your persuasive speech more engaging and compelling. Good luck!

7 months ago

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