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Finding internships for a 16-year old

I'm a 16-year old student looking to find an internship this summer, but I'm struggling to find opportunities that accept students my age. Does anyone have any recommendations for internships for a student like me or any resources I can use?

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're being proactive and seeking internships at age 16. While it can be challenging to find internships specifically aimed at younger students, there are still several ways to explore opportunities.

1. Reach out to local businesses and organizations: Contact companies or organizations in your community that are related to your interests. Explain your age, your background, and your desire to gain experience in their field. Some businesses might be willing to create an internship for you or allow you to shadow professionals.

2. Network with family, friends, and teachers: Ask the adults in your life if they know of any opportunities at their places of employment and if they can put you in touch with the right person. Your school teachers and counselors may also have connections with local businesses or resources that can help you.

3. Community service opportunities: Nonprofit organizations and local community centers often provide volunteer positions for high school students. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and can potentially lead to internships or more advanced positions within the organization.

4. Research online resources: Use websites, such as CollegeVine, LinkedIn, Internships.com, and Idealist to search for opportunities in your area or interests. Keep an eye on the age requirements, as some internships are designed for college students, but you may find entry-level positions or internships that are open to high school students.

5. Utilize social media: Follow companies or organizations in your field of interest on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. They may post about upcoming internships, research opportunities, or job openings. Engaging with their content and demonstrating curiosity can help you get noticed and make a connection that could lead to an internship.

Remember that while internships are an excellent opportunity to gain experience, you can also consider starting your own projects related to your interests, such as starting a blog, creating a YouTube channel, or organizing an event in your community. These self-driven projects can help demonstrate initiative and be an impressive addition to your resume.

Good luck in your search.

7 months ago

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