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Appropriate major for a future lawyer?

Hi everyone! I'm interested in becoming a lawyer, but I'm not sure which major would be the best fit for me in undergrad. Can anyone give me some advice on good majors to consider if I'm aiming for law school after college?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're already looking ahead and considering your path to law school. The good news is, you can major in almost anything and still get into law school, as long as you perform well academically and have a strong LSAT score. Law schools appreciate a diverse range of undergraduate majors, so it's essential to choose a major that genuinely interests you and allows you to excel.

That being said, some popular majors for future law students include Political Science, History, English, Philosophy, and Economics. These majors often involve critical thinking, reading, writing, and analysis skills which are valued in law school and the legal profession. For instance, Political Science majors study the foundations of government systems and the principles of law-making, while English majors develop strong communication and analytical skills through their study of literature and language.

However, don't feel restricted to traditional pre-law majors. If you have a passion for another field like STEM or the arts, and you feel confident in your ability to excel in that major while still preparing yourself for law school, go for it! Many law schools value applicants with diverse educational backgrounds, as they can bring unique perspectives to the legal field.

As you choose your major, consider adding a minor or taking elective courses related to law or areas that interest you within the legal profession, such as business, environmental policy, or social justice. This will allow you to gain some exposure to law-related topics and can help you understand how your major can connect with a future career in law.

Remember, a successful law school applicant is one who has excelled academically, regardless of their major. So, focus on finding a major that genuinely interests and challenges you, and maintain a strong GPA throughout your undergraduate years. Good luck!

7 months ago

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