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What is a post-grad year and why would someone choose it?

I've come across the term 'post-grad year' a few times and I'm not quite sure what it means. Can anyone explain it to me and why someone would choose to do one?

7 months ago

A post-grad year (PGY) is an additional year of education taken after graduating high school, typically at a boarding or preparatory school designed for this purpose. Students choose to pursue a post-grad year for a variety of reasons, many of which can be beneficial to their long-term educational and personal goals. Here are some common motivations for undertaking a PGY:

1. Academic improvement: A post-grad year can provide students with the opportunity to bolster their academic performance, demonstrate a stronger commitment to their education, and enhance their skills in specific subject areas. This may lead to a more competitive college application and potentially admission to a better-suited or more prestigious college or university.

2. Athletic development: Some student-athletes use a post-grad year to improve their athletic skillset, providing them with a better chance to be recruited by college teams. This extra year can also give them time to mature physically and mentally, making them a more appealing candidate for top-level collegiate athletic programs.

3. Emotional and social growth: A PGY allows students to further develop their social skills, maturity, and independence, which can be beneficial when transitioning to college life. This extra time can help students better adapt to the increased rigor and responsibility of college academics and social interactions.

4. Gap year alternative: A post-grad year can offer a more structured and academically-focused alternative to a traditional gap year. Instead of traveling or working, students can continue their studies in a supportive and growth-oriented environment while building on their existing academic foundation.

5. Application deferral: In some cases, students who secure admission to a college or university may choose to defer enrollment for a year. They might use a post-grad year to pursue a specialized program of study or develop their interests before attending their chosen college.

A post-grad year isn't the right fit for everyone, but it can offer numerous benefits for those who feel they could benefit from an additional year of academic, athletic, and personal development before embarking on their college journey.

7 months ago

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