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AP French Exam Structure: What should I expect?

I'm taking the AP French Exam this year and I'm kinda nervous about it. Could someone provide me with a rundown of the exam structure and the types of questions I should expect?

7 months ago

Sure! It's normal to feel nervous, but having a clear understanding of the AP French Exam structure will help you prepare better. The exam is divided into two main sections - the multiple-choice section and the free-response section.

Section I: Multiple-Choice (1 hour and 35 minutes)

This section has two parts:

Part A: Listening (30-40 minutes)

- Interpretive Communication: Authentic audio materials - you'll listen to a series of audio clips and answer related multiple-choice questions

- Paired audio texts - you'll listen to a conversation between two speakers and a formal presentation or interview, then answer multiple-choice questions about each clip

Part B: Reading (60 minutes)

- Interpretive Communication: Print texts - you'll read a variety of authentic written materials like articles, advertisements, and literary texts and answer related multiple-choice questions

- Authentic print materials with 1 or more audio sources - you'll read and listen to clips, then answer multiple-choice questions based on the combination of materials

Section II: Free-Response (1 hour and 28 minutes)

This section has four tasks:

1. Interpersonal Writing (15 minutes) - Write an email reply responding to the prompts provided

2. Presentational Writing (55 minutes) - Read and analyze an authentic article, graphic or chart, then listen to an audio source related to the information. Using both sources, write a persuasive essay in which you compare and contrast the main ideas presented and develop your own argument

3. Interpersonal Speaking (5 minutes) - Participate in a simulated (recorded) conversation with a partner, answering the questions and prompts provided

4. Presentational Speaking (6 minutes) - Read a brief article and listen to an audio clip related to a cultural topic, then prepare and deliver a 2-minute oral presentation

To prepare for the exam, practice listening to authentic French audio sources, read various types of French texts, and work on your French writing and speaking skills. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions in the exam, and consider taking practice tests to build your confidence. Good luck!

7 months ago

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