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Is scoring a 4 on the APUSH exam good?

Hi everyone! So, I took the APUSH exam this year and got a 4. I'm wondering if that's considered a good score for college admissions and if it can help me get college credit. Any advice?

7 months ago

Hello! A score of 4 on the APUSH exam is indeed considered good. It demonstrates that you have a strong understanding of the material and have performed well on the exam. Most colleges consider a score of 3 to be "passing," with 4 and 5 being considered even better. Consequently, a score of 4 should make you competitive in the college admissions process when it comes to your prowess in U.S. History.

As for earning college credit, that depends on the specific college or university you're interested in attending. Different institutions have varying policies on how they award AP credit. Generally, many colleges will accept a score of 4 for credit or allow you to skip introductory courses in the subject area. Be sure to check the AP credit policies for the schools you're interested in to verify their requirements.

Remember, your AP scores are not a significant factor in the college admissions process, but they can provide a small boost to your application. Moreover, performing well in the APUSH course itself and maintaining a high GPA will be more valuable to admissions officers. So, congratulations on your achievement, and best of luck in your college journey!

7 months ago

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