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When did the SAT change to a 1600 scale?

I heard from my older siblings that the SAT used to be on a 2400 scale. When did it change to the current 1600 scale? And why did they change it? Just curious!

7 months ago

You're right! The SAT used to be on a 2400 scale which included an additional writing section. The change to the current 1600 scale took place in March 2016. The main reason behind this change was to make the test more focused on knowledge relevant to college success and to streamline the overall exam format.

The current format emphasizes reading and math skills, while the writing component has been made optional within the SAT Essay section. This change was, in part, a response to feedback from educators and students seeking a more relevant and straightforward assessment.

I hope this answers your question!

7 months ago

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