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Important Pre-Pharmacy Courses?

Hello! I've been considering a career in pharmacy lately and I was just wondering if there are any specific courses I should be taking now as a high school junior to better prepare myself for a pre-pharmacy track in college. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're thinking ahead about your potential career in pharmacy. To best prepare yourself for a pre-pharmacy track in college, you should focus on taking rigorous courses in core science and math subjects during your remaining time in high school. Here are some suggestions:

1. Science courses: Chemistry and biology are essential for students interested in pharmacy, so make sure to take advanced coursework in these subjects if you can (such as AP or IB courses). Additionally, some exposure to physics will also be beneficial.

2. Math courses: A strong foundation in mathematics is important for understanding complex concepts in pharmacy. Make sure to take algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus (or calculus, if you're up for it!).

3. English courses: While not directly related to pharmacy, strong communication skills are valuable in any healthcare profession, as they enable you to effectively interact with patients and colleagues. Developing your writing and speaking skills through advanced English courses will serve you well.

4. Electives: Look for electives in health or science-related topics, such as anatomy, physiology, or health sciences, to gain additional exposure to relevant subjects.

While these courses will help you build a solid foundation for your pre-pharmacy track, don't forget to maintain a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Engaging in healthcare or science-related volunteer work, internships, and clubs can help demonstrate your interest and dedication to the field, as well as providing you with practical experience, which will enhance your application by balancing out your strong academic foundation.

Once you get to college, you'll have more opportunities to take specific pre-pharmacy courses, such as organic chemistry, microbiology, and human anatomy, to meet the requirements of many pharmacy schools. So, if you aren't able to explore a certain field in high school, don't panic—your academic journey is far from over!

7 months ago

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