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Prestige of NYLF programs?

Hey! I've been invited to a couple of NYLF programs, but I'm unsure about their prestige. Have you guys heard anything about them or know if they help with college apps?

7 months ago

I've come across NYLF programs before and have talked to some people about their experiences. National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF) programs are designed for high school students to gain exposure to various fields and develop leadership skills. However, their level of prestige may not be quite as high as you hope.

While attending these programs might help you acquire knowledge and skills in your chosen field, colleges might not view them as particularly prestigious, mainly because they have relatively high acceptance rates and can be quite expensive. Some argue they can be seen as 'pay-to-play' experiences.

That being said, if you genuinely find a specific NYLF program interesting or if it aligns with your passions or intended career path, it could be worth attending to gain insight and experience. However, you shouldn't rely on the NYLF as a major boost to your college applications. It's better to focus on more personalized and impactful extracurricular activities that truly demonstrate your skills, dedication, and potential in the field of your interest. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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