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Interesting senior debate topics?

I'm in charge of organizing a debate for my senior year and I need some fresh topic ideas. Can anyone suggest engaging and thought-provoking debate topics that would be suitable for high school seniors? Thanks for any help!

7 months ago

Hello! Organizing a debate is an excellent opportunity to engage your peers and encourage critical thinking. Here are some engaging and thought-provoking debate topics that could be suitable for high school seniors:

1. Universal Basic Income: Should the government provide a basic income for every citizen?

2. Censorship: Is it ever appropriate for the government or other institutions to censor freedom of speech as a means of protection?

3. Climate Change: Should the government implement more aggressive policies to combat climate change, or should the market play a bigger role in finding solutions?

4. Privacy vs. Security: Is it legitimate for the government to collect personal data without consent for the sake of national security?

5. Social Media Regulation: Should social media platforms be considered public utilities and regulated as such?

6. Voting Age: Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

7. College Tuition: Should colleges be tuition-free for everyone?

8. Artificial Intelligence: Should there be limits on the development or use of artificial intelligence, or should we embrace the potential benefits without interference?

9. Animal Rights: Do animals have rights that should be protected, or can humans use them in any way that benefits society, such as in medical testing?

10. Drug Legalization: Should certain drugs be legalized and regulated, or is the current policy of prohibition the best approach?

11. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Should we embrace GMOs for their potential benefits or ban them due to potential risks?

12. Space Exploration: Should we continue investing in space exploration, or should we focus on solving problems on Earth first?

Remember to consider your audience and their interests when choosing a topic. Good luck with your debate organization, and I hope you find these suggestions helpful!

7 months ago

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