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MIT Research Supplement - What is it?

I keep seeing stuff about an 'MIT research supplement'. Can somebody explain what it is and how it might benefit my application? Would it be worth the extra effort?

7 months ago

The MIT research supplement is an optional part of the application process where applicants can submit a summary of any significant research projects they have worked on. It's a way for students to showcase their scientific or technical skills, talents, and knowledge by sharing their independent research or projects they participated in along with mentors or research groups.

Submitting a research supplement can benefit your application in several ways:

1. Demonstrate your ability: Highlighting your research experience shows that you are capable of handling the academic rigor of MIT and are passionate about specific subject matter.

2. Show potential for collaboration: By describing your work with professors, scientists, or fellow students in the research supplement, you demonstrate your ability to collaborate with peers and experts, which is an essential skill in the research-based fields.

3. Enhance your “spike”: Showcasing your research can further develop a highly developed specialty, or "spike," in your application, illustrating your success and potential in the specific field you're interested in. This can make you a more attractive candidate to MIT.

Submitting a research supplement is worth the extra effort if you believe your research experience is strong enough, reflects your passion, and adds value to your application. However, if your research experience is minimal, it might not have a significant impact on your application. In that case, you can focus on the other aspects of the application to demonstrate your strengths and interests, as admissions officers only have so much time to review your application and you don't want them to spend it on something that doesn't truly speak to your strengths.

Best of luck with your application to MIT!

7 months ago

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