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Why are my ACT scores delayed?

I was expecting my ACT scores, but they seem to be delayed. Any idea why this might be happening? It's stressing me out a bit.

7 months ago

First off, it's completely normal to be a bit stressed about test scores. There are several reasons ACT scores can be delayed. Sometimes, it can be due to a high volume of test-takers and the testing agency may just need some extra time to process all the scores. It could also be caused by a delay in receiving answer documents from your test center or due to a data processing issue.

Additionally, if your test center experienced administrative problems on test day, scores may be delayed while the issues are investigated and resolved. Finally, if the testing agency finds any anomalies in your scores, they may require more time for further review.

Don't worry too much about the delay; your scores should become available soon. In the meantime, you can try logging in to your ACT account for updates, or consider reaching out to ACT customer service if you have further concerns. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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