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Easiest majors to get into?

Hello peeps! So, I was wondering, what are some of the easiest majors to get into at most universities? I'm trying to figure out my best options for my upcoming college applications. Any opinions or suggestions?

7 months ago

Hello! It's important to remember that the "easiest" major to get into can vary widely based on individual universities and their strengths and weaknesses. However, generally, less competitive majors tend to have lower enrollment numbers and are not as well-known or prestigious.

Some examples of less competitive majors include:

1. Anthropology

2. Studio Art

3. Environmental Science

4. Geography

5. Communications

6. General Education (for those interested in a teaching career)

7. Exercise Science

Remember that you should still choose a major based on your interests and career goals. Even though these majors might have less competitive admissions, you'll still need to be passionate about the subject to succeed in your coursework and ultimately find a fulfilling career in your chosen field. Good luck with picking a major!

7 months ago

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