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Likely Letters: Mailed or Emailed?

Hello! So I've been hearing a lot about 'likely letters' from colleges, but I'm not sure how they're sent. Are likely letters usually mailed or emailed to admitted students? Just curious.

7 months ago

Hello! Likely letters can be both mailed and emailed. The exact method may vary depending on the college. Some colleges send physical letters through mail, while others opt for sending the letter via email due to convenience and speed of delivery. It's also possible for a college to send both an email and a physical letter, to ensure the student receives the notification.

Keep in mind that not all admitted students receive likely letters — they are usually sent to a small group of exceptionally strong candidates before the official admission decision release. So if you don't get one via snail mail or email, don't stress too much. Rather, just keep checking both your email and physical mailbox for the official admissions decisions from the colleges you've applied to. Good luck!

7 months ago

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