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What are some great summer programs for high schoolers in Massachusetts?

Hello! I'm searching for some fun and educational summer programs for high school students in Massachusetts. I'd love to hear about any experiences or recommendations y'all have. Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hi there! Massachusetts has a variety of excellent summer programs for high school students. Here are a few programs that cater to different interests:

1. Boston University: BU offers a variety of pre-college programs, covering subjects such as visual arts, journalism, computer science, and more. They have both residential and commuter options, giving students the opportunity to experience life on a college campus.

2. Harvard Summer School: Harvard offers a prestigious summer program for high school students, providing a wide selection of courses across multiple disciplines. Students can choose from over 200 courses, allowing them to explore their interests and gain a taste of college life.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT's LaunchX program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. High school students work in teams to develop their own startup ideas, culminating in a Demo Day where they pitch their ventures.

4. Tufts University: The Tufts Pre-College Program offers a variety of courses and intensives for high school students, including subjects like international relations, engineering, and environmental science. This program allows students to gain valuable academic skills and get a taste of college life.

5. Boston College Experience (BCE): This program allows rising juniors and seniors to take college courses, engage in workshops, and participate in campus activities. Students can choose from a variety of subjects, such as psychology, business, and filmmaking.

6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI): WPI offers a range of summer programs for high school students, focusing on STEM fields such as robotics, engineering, and biotechnology. These programs emphasize hands-on learning and problem-solving skills.

It's important to note that some of these programs can be highly competitive, and the application process may require essays, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Be sure to research the deadlines, fees, and financial aid options for each program. I hope you find a fantastic summer program!

7 months ago

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