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Understanding Vocational Plans on Harvard App

What's up guys? While filling out my Harvard application, I came across the term 'vocational plans'. Could someone explain what it means and how it factors into my application? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! In the context of college applications, 'vocational plans' refers to your intended career path or professional goals after completing your education. Basically, Harvard wants to know what you see yourself doing in the future after you've graduated from their institution. This could range from pursuing certain careers to attending graduate school, or even starting your own business.

When formulating your response, consider your academic interests, experiences, and the direction you hope to take professionally. Your vocational plans don't have to be set in stone—you're still young, and it's expected that your goals might shift over time. But try your best to provide Harvard with a clear idea of what you aspire to accomplish with the education and resources they can offer.

As for how it factors into your application, sharing your vocational plans demonstrates direction and commitment to your goals, which are qualities that colleges, especially top-tier institutions like Harvard, appreciate in their student body. It also helps them see how your interests align with their programs and resources, further strengthening your application. However, Harvard isn't going to base your acceptance on the career path you are interested in—so you don't have to put doctor or lawyer to impress them. Indicate your genuine preferences and don't overthink it too much!

7 months ago

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