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Questbridge finalist?

Hey guys! I've been hearing a lot about Questbridge and the term 'Questbridge finalist.' Can someone explain what it means to be a finalist and why it's important in college admissions?

7 months ago

Hey there! Questbridge is a fantastic program that focuses on helping talented low-income high school students gain admission to top colleges with full scholarships. To participate in the program, you first apply to be a Questbridge scholar, and if you're successful, you become a Questbridge finalist.

Being a Questbridge finalist is important for several reasons. First, it signifies that you have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, a strong extracurricular profile, and a high level of financial need. This combination makes you an attractive candidate to numerous prestigious colleges.

Once you're a finalist, you can participate in the Questbridge National College Match, where you rank your top-choice schools and apply to them via the process called Regular Decision, Early Decision, or Early Action.

If you match with one of these schools, you will receive a full scholarship, including tuition, room, board, and sometimes additional stipends. Even if you don't match with one of these schools, you can still apply through Questbridge to other colleges and benefit from their strong network and resources, as well as potential fee waivers.

In summary, being a Questbridge finalist increases your chances of getting into a top school with a full scholarship and opens up additional opportunities for financial aid and support throughout the college application process. Good luck!

7 months ago

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