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'Tell us your story' college essay examples?

I'm starting to draft my essays and was wondering if anyone has examples of 'tell us your story' college essays that got them accepted? I'm curious to see how other students approached this vague prompt successfully!

7 months ago

Certainly! I can point you in the direction of influential essays and provide some guidance on how to approach the "Tell us your story" prompt effectively.

1. New York Times College Essay Selections: The New York Times has a series where they share powerful and moving college essays from accepted students. You might find some inspiration there, even if some prompts might look different from the "Tell us your story" one. You can find the series by searching "New York Times college essays that worked."

2. CollegeVine Essay Guides: CollegeVine has essay guides for many top schools, including tips and examples on how to approach various prompts. Take a look at their website and explore the various resources available. Check out responses to the Common App prompts, which include responses similar to a "Tell us your story" essay: https://blog.collegevine.com/common-app-essay-examples

When approaching the "Tell us your story" prompt, consider these tips:

a. Be authentic: Your essay should focus on your unique experiences or perspective. Think about what makes you different from other applicants and how that informs your story.

b. Focus on a single theme: Rather than trying to cover your entire life, focus on a specific challenge, accomplishment, or personal experience that has shaped your identity.

c. Show, don't tell: Use descriptive and evocative language to make your story engaging and immersive for the reader.

d. Make it personal: Colleges are looking to get to know you as an individual, so make sure the essay reflects your personality and values.

e. Incorporate your growth: Show how your experiences have helped you grow and develop as a person, demonstrating your resilience, adaptability, or other valuable qualities.

Remember, the "Tell us your story" prompt is an opportunity for you to showcase your unique perspective, experiences, and personality. Use the available resources and tips to create a compelling and authentic essay that accurately represents who you are. Good luck with your writing!

7 months ago

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