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NMSQT Cutoff Predictions?

Hey guys, I recently received my PSAT score (219) and wanted to know if anyone has any info or predictions about the National Merit Scholarship cutoff scores? Fingers crossed I qualify!

7 months ago

Hello! Congrats on your impressive PSAT score. While it's challenging to offer precise cutoff predictions for the National Merit Scholarship Program since they vary each year and by state, I can provide some general guidance to give you an idea of your chances.

The cutoff scores typically range from around 209 to 222, depending on your state. With a score of 219, you're in a strong position to be competitive for the National Merit Scholarship in the majority of states. However, some states with more competitive cutoffs, like California, Massachusetts, or Maryland, may have higher boundaries, and it's hard to say for certain if your score will be above the cutoff in those specific cases.

You can also look up past years' cutoff scores for your state to get a better sense of the range it usually falls within. Keep in mind that these figures may change slightly each year, but it can still provide you with a ballpark estimate. However, the best approach would be to wait for the official announcement from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Good luck! I hope you qualify for the National Merit Scholarship—it will be an excellent accomplishment to have under your belt when applying to colleges.

7 months ago

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