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UCLA vs Harvard

Hey guys, I've been fortunate enough to get into both UCLA and Harvard for college, and I'm having a tough time deciding which one to choose. Any thoughts on the main differences between the two or factors I should consider when making my decision? Any input would be really helpful!

7 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances to both UCLA and Harvard! That's an incredible achievement. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between the two:

1. Location and environment: UCLA is located in sunny Los Angeles with a warm climate, while Harvard is in Cambridge, near Boston, with a colder, more seasonal climate. Consider how much the weather and surrounding area will affect your overall experience.

2. Academics and resources: Both institutions have excellent academics and resources, but their strengths may differ based on your intended major. Research the programs and departments in your field of interest at both schools, as well as opportunities for undergraduate research, support for internships, and advising.

3. Campus life: UCLA is a large public university with over 30,000 undergraduates, while Harvard has a smaller, private campus with around 6,800 undergraduates. This may impact class sizes, your residential experience, and campus events. Think about what kind of campus atmosphere you prefer.

4. Cost and financial aid: If cost is a concern for your family, compare the financial aid packages you received from both universities. Even though Harvard has an extensive endowment that typically allows for some of the most generous financial aid options of any school in the country, your family's circumstances may still make one school more affordable than the other.

5. Networking and future opportunities: Harvard is often associated with a prestigious network and connections that could benefit you post-graduation. However, UCLA also has strong alumni networks, especially in California and the entertainment industry, so consider whether that might be a better match for your future goals.

6. Extracurricular activities: Look into the clubs, sports, and other campus organizations at both UCLA and Harvard, and see which ones align with your interests and passions. Your activities outside the classroom will likely be an essential aspect of your college experience and personal growth, and while both schools will have extensive offerings, one may have something in particular that's especially attractive to you.

Ultimately, you should weigh these factors based on your priorities and try to envision which campus would better suit your personal and academic goals. If possible, visiting both campuses for their accepted students events might provide you with the firsthand insight you need to determine which one is truly the right match for you. Best of luck in making your decision!

7 months ago

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