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Options for undergraduate law programs?

Hey everyone, I'm planning to study law in college, but I've heard that undergraduate law programs are less common in the US. Can anyone recommend colleges with solid undergraduate law programs or pre-law tracks? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! You're right that undergraduate law programs are less common in the US, as most students typically study pre-law tracks or related majors before attending law school for a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. However, there are definitely some universities with specific law-oriented undergraduate programs or strong pre-law tracks that could be a great fit for you.

1. Georgetown University: Georgetown offers an interdisciplinary major called Justice and Peace Studies, which focuses on social justice issues and conflict resolution, and will give you a great foundation for pursuing law school and a legal career. Being in Washington, D.C. will also give you unique opportunities to learn about the law firsthand through volunteer work or even paid internships.

2. George Washington University: GWU offers a unique Political Communication major as well as a Philosophy major with a Public Affairs Focus, both of which can be great preparation for law school. Like Georgetown, GWU has the added bonus of being located in the nation's capital.

4. American University: In addition to being another D.C.-based school, American offers a BA in Justice, Law & Criminology through its School of Public Affairs, allowing students to focus on various substantive areas of the law.

5. Washington University in St. Louis: While not located in D.C., WashU has a Legal Studies minor that gives students an overview of the legal system and helps them develop critical legal skills.

6. New York University: NYU has a Politics major which explores the relationship between law and politics. Being in New York also means unparalleled access to international law opportunities, including jobs at the United Nations.

7. Dartmouth College: Dartmouth offers a Public Policy minor, which will help you build a strong initial understanding of how laws are passed and enforced.

Apart from these specific programs, many colleges have strong pre-law advising and resources for students interested in law school, regardless of major. You might also consider majoring in fields like Philosophy, Political Science, History, or English, as these subjects all provide you with a solid foundation in the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary for law school. Additionally, get involved with extracurricular activities related to law, such as mock trial or debate teams, as these can strengthen your skills and demonstrate your commitment to the field.

Best of luck with your college search and future law studies!

7 months ago

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