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Easiest and Hardest AP Exams

Hey friends, can we have a discussion about which AP exams are considered the easiest and hardest? I want to know more about the difficulty levels and the experiences of those who took different AP exams. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! It's a great idea to learn about the difficulty levels of various AP exams so you can better plan your course selections. However, keep in mind that the "easiest" and "hardest" exams may vary from person to person, depending on their strengths, interests, and the quality of the instruction they receive. Here's a general overview of the difficulty levels of some AP exams, based on public opinions and pass rates:

Easier AP Exams:

1. AP Human Geography: Often considered one of the easiest due to its introductory nature and limited prerequisites.

2. AP Environmental Science: Covers a broad range of topics and usually doesn't require extensive background knowledge.

3. AP Psychology: Requires memorization of many concepts and terms, but typically considered manageable.

Moderately Difficult AP Exams:

1. AP English Language & Composition and AP English Literature & Composition: These exams require strong reading comprehension and writing skills, making them moderately difficult for many students.

2. AP World History, AP European History, and AP US History: These exams are content-heavy, but if you have an interest in history and strong memorization skills, they may be manageable.

3. AP Biology and AP Chemistry: Students often find these exams moderately difficult due to the significant amount of information covered and the need for analytical skills.

Hardest AP Exams:

1. AP Physics (1, 2, C - Mechanics, and C - Electricity & Magnetism): Often considered some of the hardest AP exams due to the combination of complex concepts, math skills, and problem-solving abilities required.

2. AP Calculus AB and BC: Both exams require strong math skills and a solid understanding of the subject matter.

This list is by no means exhaustive or definitive, and you can find success in any of these exams with proper preparation and study habits. It's essential to choose AP exams that interest you and align with your academic goals, rather than simply selecting them based on their perceived difficulty. I hope this was helpful though :)

7 months ago

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