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Stumped on a physics question - where can I get help?

Hey everyone, I'm currently studying for my physics exam and I'm stumped on a couple of questions. Is there a forum or subreddit where I can ask my questions and get some help from people who know their stuff? I would definitely appreciate any recommendations! Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're seeking help for your physics questions. There are several online platforms where you can ask for assistance from knowledgeable individuals. Here are some suggestions:

1. Reddit: The r/AskPhysics and r/Physics subreddits are great places to post your questions. You'll find a community of physics enthusiasts and experts who can help.

2. Physics Forums: PhysicsForums.com is a well-established online community with many experienced members who can provide guidance on physics questions.

3. Stack Exchange: Physics.StackExchange.com is another platform where you can post your questions. It operates on an upvote-based system, so answers with the most votes rise to the top, ensuring you get a useful response.

4. CollegeVine: While CollegeVine is primarily focused on college admissions, they also have a forum with dedicated sections for various subjects, including physics. You may find helpful advice from other students and experts there.

Before posting your questions, make sure to read the guidelines for each platform so that you can provide enough context and properly format your question. Good luck with your exam!

7 months ago

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