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UCLA Prompts

Hi everyone, I'm working on my UC application and wanted to ask if there are any specific UCLA prompts I should be focusing on? Or do they use the same PIQs for all the UC schools? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

7 months ago

Hello! The University of California (UC) system uses the same Personal Insight Questions (PIQs) for all UC schools, including UCLA. You will answer the same set of PIQs no matter which UC campus you apply to. There are eight PIQs in total, and you'll need to choose four of them to answer. Each response should be no more than 350 words.

Your goal in responding to the PIQs should be to showcase your strengths, experiences, and passions. Be sure to select questions that allow you to highlight different aspects of your life and present a well-rounded picture of who you are. Ideally, each answer should reveal something unique about you.

When answering the PIQs, keep in mind the UC system's holistic review approach. They'll be looking for insight into your personal qualities and how you've grown from your experiences. It's important to be genuine and authentic, providing examples and anecdotes that demonstrate your personality and growth.

Also, remember that while the PIQs are used for all UC campuses, each campus might emphasize different aspects of your responses as they evaluate applications. Make sure to tailor your answers to demonstrate why you would be a great fit for UCLA or any other UC campus you're applying to.

Good luck with your UC application!

7 months ago

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