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What makes a great 'Why Duke' essay?

Hey everyone, I'm currently working on my application for Duke. Can anyone share some tips or examples of successful 'Why Duke' essays? What are some unique aspects about Duke that I should definitely mention in my essay? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey there! Focusing on specific aspects of Duke and how they relate to your goals is crucial for writing a great 'Why Duke' essay. Here are some unique aspects of Duke that you might want to consider highlighting in your essay:

1. Programs and majors: Identify a specific program or major at Duke that interests you and explain why it's a good fit. For example, you could discuss the university's focus on interdisciplinary studies, like the Program II, which allows students to create their own major.

2. Research opportunities: Duke is known for extensive research opportunities, even for undergraduates. If you're interested in research, mention specific labs, centers, or professors whose work aligns with your academic goals.

3. Duke Engage: This is a fully-funded summer service-learning program for undergraduates, allowing them to engage in meaningful community service around the world. If this aligns with your values or career aspirations, discuss how you could contribute to and benefit from this program.

4. Campus culture: Many students appreciate the strong sense of community at Duke. You might mention the diverse clubs, unique traditions (like tenting for basketball games), or residential living communities that you would like to join.

5. Collaborative environment: Duke is known for fostering a collaborative atmosphere among its students. You can mention how this environment would positively impact your learning experience and personal growth.

Remember to connect these unique aspects of Duke to your personal experiences, goals, and values. This will make your essay feel genuine and allow the admissions committee to envision you as a part of their community. Good luck with your essay!

7 months ago

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