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What AP classes should I take for a business major?

I'm interested in majoring in business when I go to college, but I'm not sure which AP classes would be most relevant for me to take in high school. Any recommendations on which APs I should focus on?

7 months ago

It's great that you're looking to take AP classes that align with your intended major! Taking relevant AP courses can both help you better prepare for your major and demonstrate your interest in the subject to colleges. For a business major, consider the following AP courses:

1. AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics: These two courses will introduce you to the principles of economics, which are highly relevant to the world of business.

2. AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC: Strong math skills are essential for a business major, specifically in areas like finance and accounting. Calculus is often a requirement in college-level business courses, so taking it in high school can give you a head start on checking that box.

3. AP Statistics: Statistics is another important mathematical skill that is relevant to many areas of business, such as marketing and management. The concepts taught in this course will provide valuable foundational knowledge for your future coursework.

4. AP Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science A: With technology playing a significant role in modern businesses, having a solid understanding of computer science can be incredibly beneficial. These courses will help you develop broader problem-solving skills as well, or may even spark an interest in a subfield like data analytics or management information systems.

5. AP English Language and Composition: Business professionals need strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Taking AP English Language and Composition will help you improve your writing abilities, which will be valuable when creating business reports, proposals, and presentations.

6. AP Psychology: While not directly related to business, AP Psychology can provide valuable insights into human behavior and decision-making. This knowledge can be useful for areas like marketing, management, and organizational behavior.

7. AP Foreign Language: The world of business is becoming increasingly international, and being fluent in a second language, especially one spoken by many people around the world like Chinese or Spanish, can set you up well to build an expansive professional network.

8. Optional - AP United States Government and Politics: Understanding the political landscape and how policies affect businesses is important for some fields within business, like public relations or lobbying. If you have room in your schedule, consider adding this course to broaden your understanding of the business environment.

Finally, remember that it's not just about the specific AP courses themselves, but also about the skills and knowledge you gain from them. Good luck with your course selection!

7 months ago

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