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Pre-calc in High School - Necessary?

Is it crucial for me to take pre-calc in high school? I've heard it might look good for college admissions, but I'm not super strong in math, and I'm not sure if it's worth taking. What's your take on it? Will it make a big impact on my college applications?

7 months ago

It's important to consider your overall academic profile and intended major when thinking about whether or not to take pre-calculus in high school. While taking pre-calc can demonstrate a strong foundation in math and a rigorous course load, it's also crucial to balance it with your abilities and overall course work.

If you're considering a major that doesn't heavily rely on math, such as humanities or social sciences, it may be less necessary to take pre-calculus. Instead, focus on taking a well-rounded curriculum and excelling in courses that relate more directly to your intended path.

However, if you're aiming for a major in STEM fields, pre-calculus might be essential preparation, as it can help establish the necessary skills for calculus and higher-level math courses in college. In this case, you could consider tutoring or additional resources to strengthen your math skills and prepare for the class.

The impact on your college applications will also vary depending on the schools and programs you're interested in, as well as the rest of your application. If you're interested in highly selective schools, for example, they'll want to see a high level of academic rigor across the board.

In summary, taking pre-calculus can be beneficial depending on your future goals, but it might not be necessary or make a massive impact for every student. Be mindful of your strengths and weaknesses, your interests, top choice schools, and intended major when making this decision.

Good luck with your course selection!

7 months ago

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