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When do UNC Chapel Hill acceptance letters arrive?

Hey, I'm a little stressed about college admissions and was wondering when UNC Chapel Hill typically sends out their acceptance letters. Can anybody give me a rough timeframe to expect to hear back from them?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's perfectly normal to feel stressed about college admissions, but I'm here to help with your question. For UNC Chapel Hill, the timing of acceptance letters depends on the application deadline you chose. Here's a general timeframe for each:

1. Early Action: If you applied for Early Action (EA), decisions are typically released in late January (the 31st for the 2023-2024 applications cycle).

2. Regular Decision: If you applied for Regular Decision (RD), decisions usually come out around the end of March (the 31st for the 2023-2024 applications cycle).

Keep in mind that exact dates might vary each year, so it's always a good idea to check UNC Chapel Hill's admissions website or your application portal for any updates: https://admissions.unc.edu/faqs/when-will-i-receive-an-admissions-decision/. Good luck, and I hope you receive positive news!

7 months ago

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