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What's the lowest GPA that's ever been accepted to Harvard?

Hey everyone, just curious, does anyone know what the lowest GPA is of someone who has been accepted to Harvard? I know it's extremely competitive, but I'm wondering if there's any flexibility with exceptional cases. Thanks!

7 months ago

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact lowest GPA that has ever been accepted to Harvard, as that kind of specific information is not usually made public by the university. However, keep in mind that Harvard is indeed extremely competitive, and the vast majority of successful applicants have high GPAs, generally above a 4.0 (on a weighted scale) or around a 3.9 (on an unweighted scale).

That being said, there may indeed have been exceptional cases in the past where a talented student faced extreme hardships, such as a serious illness or turmoil within their family, that negatively impacted their GPA, and Harvard was able to still see the student's potential and decided to accept them. Harvard may be one of the most selective schools in the country, but its admissions officers are still human, and they recognize that in rare cases, someone with a low GPA may still be poised to succeed at their institution.

Ultimately, though, the vast majority of accepted students at Harvard have superb GPAs, and overall robust, well-rounded applications. So, if your heart is set on Harvard, putting together that kind of profile is definitely the path that's most likely to lead you to acceptance.

7 months ago

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