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Will SAT be required for Class of 2024 admissions?

Hey everyone, I'm part of the class of 2024 and I was wondering if the SAT will still be a requirement for college admissions? I know things have been changing due to the pandemic and colleges have gone test-optional, but do you think that's still going to be the case moving forward?

7 months ago

The pandemic has certainly impacted testing requirements in college admissions, with many schools adopting test-optional policies. As for the class of 2024, it's hard to predict with certainty whether SAT scores will be required or not, as each college's policy might vary.

Many colleges that implemented test-optional policies during the height of the pandemic have decided to continue these policies for a few more years to observe their effects on the admissions process. However, some colleges have returned to their test-required policies or have chosen to adopt test-flexible policies, which allow students to submit alternative standardized test scores (such as AP or IB exam scores).

Your best course of action is to research the specific colleges you're interested in and review their testing policies on their websites or by contacting their admissions offices. Keep in mind that even if a college is test-optional, submitting a strong SAT score can still bolster your application and demonstrate your academic abilities, especially if other parts of your application may not be as strong.

In any case, it's essential to focus on other components of your application, such as maintaining a high GPA, engaging in meaningful extracurriculars, and writing compelling essays, as these aspects all play an important role in the holistic admissions process.

7 months ago

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