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What more can I share beyond my application?

Hey all, many colleges have this question 'Is there anything else you'd like to share - something that hasn't been covered in the rest of your application?' What kind of things should I talk about in response to this? Would love to hear your thoughts!

7 months ago

Hello! This optional question provides a great opportunity to showcase aspects of your personality, experiences, or achievements that didn't fit elsewhere in your application. While you don't want to repeat information you've already shared, you can use this space to expand on something that's meaningful to you. Here are a few ideas:

1. Personal or family circumstances: If you faced challenges that had a significant impact on your life, academic performance, or extracurricular involvement, explain them briefly and focus on how you've overcome or learned from them.

2. Unique hobbies or experiences: Maybe you have a less common hobby or experienced something unique that highlights your curiosity, creativity, or drive. This is a chance to let colleges know about passions or interests that didn't make it into the rest of your application.

3. Additional information about an extracurricular activity: If you hold a leadership position or have a significant time commitment in an extracurricular activity, you can discuss your accomplishments, goals, or how it's shaped your personal growth.

4. Clarification on your academic record: If you'd like to explain a dip in grades, a course withdrawal, or why you've chosen a specific academic path, this is the place to do so. Keep it concise and focus on presenting a clear explanation for any discrepancies, rather than making excuses.

5. Gap year plans or post-graduation goals: If you're taking a gap year or have specific goals for after graduation that might not fit elsewhere in your application, you can briefly outline your plans and discuss why they're important to you and how they connect with your future college experience.

Remember to stay positive and authentic, focus on presenting new and relevant information, and keep your response concise. Good luck!

7 months ago

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