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Online summer internships for high school students?

Hi folks, I'm a junior and I'm looking for online summer internships designed for high school students! With everything being remote nowadays, what are some opportunities that I should look into? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're interested in online summer internships. There are several opportunities designed specifically for high school students, and these internships can be valuable experiences to build your skills and enhance your college application. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Virtual internships with companies or non-profits: Some organizations have set up remote internships tailored to high school students. Check out websites like Internships.com or Looksharp and search for "high school internships" or "remote internships" as your filter options.

2. Research internships with universities: Many universities offer remote research opportunities for high school students. You can check out programs like the Simons Summer Research Program, Pioneer Academics, or the Research Science Institute. Reach out to universities or professors directly, express your interest, and inquire about potential remote research opportunities.

3. Online summer programs: There are numerous online summer programs available that focus on providing a more structured internship-like experience. Programs such as Girls Who Code, iD Tech, and InLab Innovadores offer comprehensive training and projects in various fields like coding, technology, and entrepreneurship.

4. Virtual volunteering: While not exactly internships, virtual volunteering opportunities can be a practical alternative to gain experience in areas you're passionate about. Visit VolunteerMatch or DoSomething.org to find potential remote volunteering projects that align with your interests.

5. Create your own project or internship: If you don't find the perfect opportunity, don't be afraid to reach out to businesses or organizations you're interested in and pitch your idea for a virtual internship. This initiative could create a unique experience that showcases your resourcefulness and passion.

Remember to tailor your search based on your interests and goals. Best of luck in finding the perfect online summer internship!

7 months ago

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