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What types of awards can I list in the 'Awards and Honors' section on the Common App?

Hi friends! I'm working on my Common App and I'm a little bit confused on what kinds of awards or honors I can include in the 'Awards and Honors' section. Can I list school awards, competition achievements, and recognitions from clubs/organizations? Would really appreciate some guidance!

7 months ago

Hello! I'm glad you're seeking clarification on which awards to include in the 'Awards and Honors' section of the Common App. You want to make sure to showcase your achievements and experiences effectively. Here are a few examples of awards that fit perfectly in this section:

- Academic awards or honors, such as Honor Roll, Dean's List, or membership in the National Honor Society.

- Art, music, or writing recognition, like winning a local or national competition, or being selected for a prestigious event or exhibition.

- Athletic achievements, such as winning a championship, setting a record, or receiving "Most Valuable Player" honors on a sports team.

- Community service or leadership recognition, like being named Volunteer of the Year, a Kiwanis Club award, or leading a successful fundraising campaign.

- Awards from extracurricular clubs and organizations, such as Model UN, speech and debate, robotics, or FFA honors.

- Scholarships received, particularly merit-based or academic scholarships.

When listing these awards, focus on the most prestigious and relevant accomplishments. If you have more awards than the allocated space allows, prioritize the awards that best align with your intended major, interests, or future career goals.

Remember to provide clear and concise descriptions to help admission officers understand the significance of your awards. Good luck with your application!

7 months ago

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