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How does self-reporting test scores work?

Hey guys, I've heard colleges sometimes allow self-reporting of SAT/ACT scores during application, but what does that entail? Will I need to provide official score reports later in the process? Any advice would be great!

7 months ago

Hey there! Self-reporting test scores basically means that you can submit your SAT/ACT scores directly with your college application, whether that's through the Common App or the school's individual application platform, without sending an official score report from the testing agency. It's a handy way to save a bit of money on sending official score reports during the application process!

Colleges that allow self-reporting usually don't require the official score report until after you're accepted and decide to enroll. At that point, you'll need to provide the official report to confirm the scores you self-reported were accurate. Keep in mind that policies can vary from college to college, though, so it's always a good idea to double-check each school's specific requirements.

In summary, self-reporting allows you to submit your test scores directly on your application and helps you save on fees associated with sending official reports. Just remember to check each college's guidelines to make sure you're following their process correctly! Good luck with your testing journey!

7 months ago

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