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Persuasive speech topics in a college setting?

Hey guys, I'm taking a public speaking course and need to come up with a persuasive speech topic. Any ideas for relevant, interesting topics that would work well for college students? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's awesome that you're looking for a compelling persuasive speech topic in a college setting. College students are typically passionate about various issues, so I've compiled a list of potential topics to spark your interest:

1. The benefits of studying abroad: Highlight the advantages of gaining exposure to different cultures, learning foreign languages, and building a global network.

2. The importance of mental health resources on campus: Discuss the need for accessible counseling services, stress management programs, and mental health awareness events.

3. Balancing academic and personal life: Suggest ways to create a healthier balance between coursework, extracurricular activities, and personal well-being among college students.

4. The relevance of internships and practical experiences: Emphasize the value of gaining real-world experience and professional development opportunities for students to succeed after graduation.

5. Addressing climate change at the college level: Advocate for environmentally sustainable practices, including recycling programs, energy-efficient buildings, and the use of renewable technologies on college campuses.

6. Exploring alternative career paths: Encourage students to consider non-traditional career options, such as entrepreneurship or freelancing, to pursue their passions and diversify the job market.

7. The role of technology in education: Debate the pros and cons of incorporating e-learning, online course platforms, and other technological advancements in higher education.

8. Promoting diversity and inclusion on campus: Discuss the importance of fostering a welcoming environment that celebrates different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs among students and faculty.

9. The case for college athletes receiving compensation: Argue for or against the idea of college athletes being paid for their contribution to the athletics program and the revenue they generate for the college.

10. Rethinking general education requirements: Analyze the value of general education courses versus focusing on a student's major from the start of their college education.

Hopefully, one of these topics resonates with you and inspires a persuasive speech that will engage your fellow college students. Good luck with your public speaking course!

7 months ago

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