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UT Summer Programs for High Schoolers

What's up, everyone? I'm trying to find some cool summer programs at UT for high school students, preferably related to STEM fields. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's fantastic that you're interested in exploring summer programs, especially those related to STEM fields. The University of Texas (UT) offers a variety of summer experiences that can help you cultivate your passions and gain valuable insights. Here are a few UT-based programs you might find interesting:

1. The CODE @ TACC Robotics Camp: This one-week residential camp focuses on exploring robotics, computer programming, and engineering through hands-on experiences. You'll get to learn about topics like sensors, motors, and programming to design, build, and operate a robot. More details can be found on the TACC website.

2. UT Austin's Honors Colloquium: Although this program covers a broader range of topics, it includes many STEM-related experiences. It's a one-week residential program where high-achieving high school students attend academic sessions, workshops, and other interactive activities in their area of interest. You can check their website for more information, including the application process and deadlines.

3. First Bytes Summer Camp: This free, one-week residential camp targets high school girls interested in computer science. Participants engage in programming projects, problem-solving activities, and explore potential careers in technology. Visit their website for applications and further details.

4. Summer Science Safari: Aimed at middle and high school students, this week-long non-residential program offers a range of STEM activities. Each day has a unique theme, like astronomy, biology, and neuroscience. More information is available on their website.

While exploring these programs, make sure to pay attention to their application deadlines, eligibility criteria, and any associated costs. Best of luck in your search!

7 months ago

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