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Ideas for research argumentative topics?

Hey everyone! I have to write a research argumentative essay for one of my classes, but I'm struggling to pick a topic. Any ideas or suggestions for interesting research argumentative topics that I can explore?

7 months ago

Hi there! I understand that choosing a research argumentative topic can be tricky. Here's a list of potential topics spanning various subjects to consider for your essay:

1. Education: Should standardized testing be eliminated in favor of more project-based assessments?

2. Environment: Do benefits of using nuclear energy outweigh the risks associated with it?

3. Technology: Are social media platforms more harmful than beneficial to mental health?

4. Criminal justice: Should the death penalty be abolished in all states, or do its benefits justify its existence?

5. Healthcare: Is a single-payer healthcare system a sustainable and effective solution for the United States?

6. Ethics: Should genetic engineering on human embryos for specific traits be allowed or banned?

7. Economy: Does raising the minimum wage truly help lift individuals out of poverty?

8. Privacy: Should government surveillance for national security purposes be expanded, or does this violate citizens' right to privacy?

9. Immigration: Should the US adopt more lenient immigration policies, or are existing regulations sufficient to maintain security and economic stability?

10. Gun control: Do stricter gun control laws lead to less gun violence, or do they infringe upon individual rights?

7 months ago

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