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UCLA Rescind Policy

The pressure of senior year is getting to me a little, and I'm a little worried about my grades slipping. I've already been admitted to UCLA, but does anyone know what their rescind policy is like? Like, how significant does a drop in grades have to be for them to rescind their offer?

7 months ago

It's understandable that you're concerned about the possibility of your admission being rescinded, but it's important to maintain your academic performance throughout senior year. Generally, UCLA, like most universities, expects admitted students to maintain a consistent level of academic performance that's comparable to what they demonstrated during the admissions process.

While there's no specific formula for determining whether a student will be rescinded, a substantial drop in your grades or a significant change in your course load may raise concerns. For instance, if you were admitted with mostly A's and a few B's, and your grades drop to mostly C's or lower, this could potentially lead to a rescinded offer. Additionally, if you drop multiple AP or advanced courses without a valid reason, that may raise a red flag as well.

With that said, a minor decline in your grades (e.g. from A's to B's) typically won't result in a rescinded offer, as long as your overall academic performance remains strong. It's crucial, however, to stay diligent in your studies, take your coursework seriously, and communicate with UCLA's admissions office if you're facing extenuating circumstances leading to a drop in grades.

Try to find strategies to cope with senior-year pressure and maintain your focus on academics. It's important to finish your high school career strong and meet the expectations outlined in your acceptance letter. Remember, UCLA admitted you because they believe in your potential and ability to succeed!

7 months ago

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