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UC Berkeley alternate major

Hello, I'm applying to UC Berkeley and I've heard that they ask for an 'alternate major' on the application. Can anyone explain how this works? For example, if I don't get accepted into my preferred major, will they automatically consider me for the alternate one? Thanks for your help!

7 months ago

Hello! Yes, when you apply to UC Berkeley, they do give you the option to select an 'alternate major' on the application. This is essentially your second-choice major that you're interested in pursuing if you're not accepted into your preferred major.

The way it works is that if the admissions committee feels that you may not be competitive enough for your first-choice major or if your first-choice major is highly impacted, they may consider your application for the alternate major instead. It's important to remember that this doesn't guarantee you'll be admitted into the alternate major, but it does provide you with another opportunity for consideration.

When choosing your alternate major, it's a good idea to select a program that's somewhat related to your primary major, but perhaps less competitive or less impacted. Also, make sure that it's an area you have genuine interest and experience in because the admissions committee will be able to gauge your fit for that major based on your application.

7 months ago

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