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How bad is scoring a 2 on the AP exam?

Yikes, I just got my AP scores back and I scored a 2 on one of my exams. How much will this impact my college applications? Should I leave it off my application or report it anyway?

7 months ago

Scoring a 2 on an AP exam may not be ideal, but it's important to remember that your application will be evaluated holistically, taking into consideration many factors beyond just your AP scores. However, it is recommended that you only report AP scores of 3 or higher on your application, as most colleges view a 2 as potentially not meeting their expectations for college-level work.

Instead of focusing on the 2, emphasize the positive aspects of your high school experience, including your course rigor and performance in AP courses. Good grades in AP classes can demonstrate your ability to handle challenging coursework, which is something colleges value. If you have performed well in other AP exams, it's worth reporting those scores.

Moreover, concentrate on strengthening other parts of your application, such as your essays, letters of recommendation, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Demonstrating growth and a well-developed "spike" (an area of specialty) can help overshadow a lower AP score.

In summary, while it's disappointing to receive a 2 on an AP exam, it's not necessarily a deal-breaker for college admissions. Focus on showcasing your strengths and accomplishments in other areas of your application, and consider only reporting AP scores of 3 or higher to colleges.

7 months ago

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