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Summer computer science programs for high schoolers?

I'm a high school junior looking to explore computer science this summer. Any recommendations for summer programs that focus on CS? What are the requirements and how can I apply?

7 months ago

There are a variety of summer computer science programs for high school students, ranging from prestigious and competitive programs to more accessible, local options. Here are a few recommended programs:

1. Summer Institutes in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University - Highly selective and offers a rigorous curriculum in various aspects of computer science. You can learn more about the program, requirements, and application process at their website: https://www.cmu.edu/pre-college/academic-programs/computer-science-scholars.html

2. iD Tech Camps - These are available at multiple universities across the country and offer a range of computer science courses for different age groups and skill levels. To find a location near you and to apply, visit their website: https://www.idtech.com/locations

3. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes - Offers a variety of computer science courses, including artificial intelligence, programming, and game design. Information on requirements and the application process can be found on their website: https://spcs.stanford.edu/programs

4. MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute - A four-week, project-based program focused on STEM topics, including computer science. The program is free, and you can learn more about the application process and requirements here: https://beaverworks.ll.mit.edu/CMS/bw/home

5. Google's Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) - A three-week intro to computer science for graduating high school seniors. It's highly competitive, and more information about the program, requirements, and application can be found here: https://buildyourfuture.withgoogle.com/programs/computer-science-summer-institute

Requirements for these programs vary, but they typically include an online application form, transcripts, teacher recommendations, and personal essays. Deadlines and application fees can differ, so make sure to check the individual program websites for specific details.

In addition to these programs, consider reaching out to local universities or community colleges, as many of them offer summer programs or workshops in computer science for high school students. You may also want to explore online courses and tutorials to build your computer science skills independently.

7 months ago

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