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What is a commuter school?

Hey everyone, I've been hearing the term 'commuter school' a lot lately and I don't really understand what it means. Could someone help me out with a definition and maybe some examples?

7 months ago

A commuter school is a college or university where a significant portion of the student population lives off-campus and commutes to attend classes. These schools typically have fewer on-campus housing options and a larger percentage of students who maintain jobs or family responsibilities outside of their academic life. Since many students at commuter schools don't live on campus, there tends to be less emphasis on campus life and the overall college experience might feel different compared to more traditional residential colleges.

A few examples of commuter schools include California State University, Northridge, University of Houston, and George Mason University. It is essential to mention that being a commuter school does not imply lower academic quality or less prestige. Many commuter schools offer excellent academic programs and can be a great fit for students looking for flexibility and lower costs. Keep in mind that the commuter school experience may differ by institution, so it's essential to research individual schools to understand the campus culture and determine if it would be a good fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

7 months ago

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