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Bringing a bag to the SAT?

So, I'm taking the SAT soon, and I'm planning to bring some snacks, extra pencils, and my calculator. Is it okay if I bring a small bag with all these things to the SAT testing center? Has anyone done this before?

7 months ago

Yes, you can bring a small bag with your necessary items to the SAT testing center. It's common for students to bring a bag with snacks, extra pencils, and a calculator. When you arrive at the testing center, the proctor will likely ask you to place your bag in a designated area outside the testing room or under your seat, where it will have to stay until the designated break times.

Just make sure you pack only the allowed items for the test, such as:

- No. 2 pencils and an eraser

- Approved calculator (check College Board's calculator policy)

- A snack and a water bottle (to be consumed during breaks only)

- A photo ID and your SAT admission ticket

Keep in mind to avoid bringing any prohibited items like electronic devices, books, or notes, to prevent any issues during the testing process. Good luck on your SAT!

7 months ago

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