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BA vs BS in Computer Science?

Hey guys, I'm a junior trying to figure out my major. For computer science, should I aim for a BA or a BS degree? What are the main differences and which is more suitable depending on career goals?

7 months ago

Hey there! Deciding between a BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BS (Bachelor of Science) in Computer Science will depend on your personal interests and career goals.

Generally, a BA in Computer Science will provide a more broad and liberal arts-focused education, and may allow you the flexibility to take more classes outside of your major. This can be especially appealing if you have interests in subjects such as humanities or social sciences, and you want to merge those into your studies. A BA in Computer Science might be better suited for those who are interested in combining technical skills with fields like design, animation, or even entrepreneurship, as the curriculum is usually more flexible.

On the other hand, a BS in Computer Science typically involves a more in-depth and specialized curriculum in computer science topics. You can expect more extensive coursework in areas like programming, data structures, algorithms, and computer architecture, among others. A BS degree is generally recommended for students who want a highly technical and specialized skill set and plan to pursue careers in industries such as software development, artificial intelligence, or cybersecurity.

Both degrees have their pros and cons, but it ultimately comes down to your career goals and personal interests. If you're looking to have a wider range of courses and blend computer science with other subjects, a BA might be a better fit. If you want an in-depth, specialized education that will prepare you specifically for a technical career, a BS might be more suitable.

Remember that your choice between a BA and a BS may also impact your college selection, as not all colleges offer both options. Be sure to research the computer science programs at the schools you're considering to make sure they align with your goals and preferences.

No matter which path you choose, both degrees can open doors to many opportunities in the rapidly growing field of computer science. Good luck with your decision and future studies!

7 months ago

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