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Debate-worthy Topics for School

I've recently joined my school's debate club, and we're looking for interesting topics to argue about. Any ideas on some provocative topics to spark healthy debates for a high school setting? I'd appreciate any input y'all got!

7 months ago

I'm glad to hear you're part of your school's debate club! Debating is an excellent way to develop critical thinking, public speaking, and persuasive skills. Here are some thought-provoking topics for a high school setting:

1. Social media: Does it do more harm than good?

2. Standardized testing: Is it an accurate measure of intelligence and aptitude?

3. Single-gender education: Are single-gender schools more effective in promoting academic success?

4. Free college education: Should public universities be tuition-free?

5. Climate change: What are the most effective ways for governments to combat this global issue?

6. Animal testing: Is it ethical for scientific research purposes?

7. School dress codes: Are they necessary or a form of discrimination?

8. Gun control: What measures should be taken to prevent mass shootings?

9. Cyberbullying: Should there be stricter penalties for cyberbullies?

10. College admissions: Should race be considered as a factor in the admissions process?

One tip for selecting a topic for your debate club is to find an issue that will engage your members and make them think critically about both standpoints. Also, don't forget to research recent news, articles, and studies to support your arguments effectively. Good luck, and happy debating!

7 months ago

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