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UCSB Average GPA Unweighted

Hey, I'm looking into applying to UCSB and I'm trying to figure out where I stand in terms of academics. Does anyone know what the average unweighted GPA for accepted students is? Thanks!

7 months ago

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is a competitive school, and having a rough understanding of your GPA compared to previous admitted students is a good starting place. While UCSB does not provide a specific average unweighted GPA for admitted students, they do share some statistics on the academic profile of those accepted.

For the most recently admitted class, around 97% of UC Santa Barbara's enrolled freshman class was ranked in the top 10% of their high school class. Also, the average weighted GPA for admitted students ranges from 4.18 to 4.30. Though this isn't an unweighted GPA figure, it can give you an idea of the academic rigor and competitive nature of UCSB.

Keep in mind that UCSB, like other UC schools, uses a holistic review process to evaluate applicants, meaning they consider many factors beyond just your GPA. These factors include course rigor, extracurricular involvement, personal essays, and more. Therefore, while GPA is an essential aspect, it's not the sole deciding factor in admissions.

To get a better understanding of where you might stand, compare your GPA, course rigor, and other accomplishments to the profiles of accepted students. Also, consider the quality of your extracurricular involvements and the strength of your essays when evaluating your chances for admission.

7 months ago

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