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What's Columbia's campus like?

I've been really interested in applying to Columbia University, but I can't visit the campus right now. Can anyone describe what the campus looks like and the overall atmosphere there?

7 months ago

I'd be glad to help! Columbia University's campus, also known as Morningside Heights, is situated in a lively neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. The campus is compact, spanning about 36 acres, and is designed in a neoclassical architectural style. Some iconic buildings on campus include the Low Library, with its grand dome and columns, and the Butler Library, a popular study spot for students.

The surrounding area offers a vibrant cultural and social scene, with Broadway on the west side featuring shops, restaurants, and cafés. Additionally, the campus is only a short subway ride away from the heart of New York City, allowing students to easily explore the city's countless opportunities.

Columbia's campus has a good mix of open spaces and greenery. The College Walk, which splits the campus in half, is often bustling with students moving between classes or engaging in outdoor activities during warmer months. At the same time, students can find quieter spots, like the various lawns and garden areas, for relaxation and reflection.

In terms of atmosphere, the student body at Columbia is known for being diverse, intellectual, and politically engaged. Students are often involved in various extracurricular activities, research, or community service, providing a well-rounded experience. Furthermore, the urban environment and proximity to other universities, like Barnard College, create a unique college experience with plenty of networking and social opportunities.

I hope this helps you get a sense of Columbia University's campus and atmosphere. While it's difficult to convey every detail without visiting in person, I encourage you to explore the Columbia University website, take a virtual tour, and connect with current students or alumni to learn more about life on campus. Good luck with your application!

7 months ago

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